Law Offices of Timothy R. Hott, P.C.

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Attorney at Law; Arbitrator-Mediator

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Member of Roster of Arbitrators, American Arbitration Association Arbitrator Panels, ERISA multi-employer pension fund employer withdrawal liability issues; Member Roster of Arbitrators, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority employment matters; U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey Certified Mediator, labor, employment, labor-relations, employee benefits, ERISA. Over 42 years of experience in labor-management relations law, collective bargaining, arbitration, ERISA/employee benefits, fiduciary liability, executive employment agreements and exit agreements, Federal and State Court litigation; Appellate Litigation;

Geographic Area

New Jersey, New York metropolitan area

Line of Business

Professional > Legal Professionals > Attorneys

Brands We Carry

Building Trades, Industrial and Commercial Construction, Heavy Highway Construction, Trucking, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Chemical Transfer Terminals, Departments of Public Works.

Products And Services

Labor Law, ERISA Benefit Funds, ERISA, Taft-Hartley, Labor Management Relations, National Labor Relations Board, Public Employment Relations Commission, Federal Litigation, Federal and State Wage and Hour, Prevailing Wages, Arbitration, Administrative Agencies


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